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Badlands Donations

Here in the Badlands we pride ourselves in our ability to give back.  Over the course of the year we collect unwanted cards as well as cash donations that are used for the purchase of new trading card products.  These donations are then distributed to local school programs in our area.  As our community grows we are hoping to expand our donation program to more areas around the country. 

The amount of support we have received has gone above and beyond expectations and with your help can continue to grow.  You can find a cash donation section in our shop with 100% of donated money going to buy unopened packs/boxes of cards for the kids to open.  We also welcome donations of any cards you may no longer want.  Those can be shipped to us here....

Badlands Kids

1123 South 19th St.

Grand Forks, ND 58201

The kids involved in these give back programs will never forget the generosity shown to them and thank you all very much!

Pile of Trading Cards
Child Browsing Trading Cards
Male Holding Trading Cards
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