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PSA Grading Submission

PSA Grading Submission

Grading submissions are now here.  


To accurately have your cards assessed and graded by PSA please read carefully!


1.  Select the projected value of the card you are submitting.  If you don't know how to calculate the value reach out to us at and we can assist you.


2.  Select a service you would like for your card:

  • Basic: includes entering and submitting, shipping to and from PSA
  • Basic Plus: includes entering and submitting, shipping to and from PSA, wiping, penny sleeve and card saver
  • The Works: price includes entering and submitting, shipping to and from PSA, inspection, wiping, prepping, and the tabbed penny sleeve and card saver.


3.  If you would like insurance on your card select a dollar amount ($100 in projected value = $1 insurance)  or if you want to skip insurance select "No Insurance".


4.  Fill out the card information listed in the supplied text box.


When your order is recieved a member of our team will reach out with shipping instructions.


Upon our reciept of your graded cards, a calculated return shipping invoice will be sent. 



    **While we may be able to accommodate special requests, we generally submit 20 card minimum orders to PSA.  This means that once we meet that minimum we will ship the submissions.  Any questions or concerns with current or future orders please email**

    Per PSA: "if PSA determines a card’s graded Declared Value was inaccurately estimated, the customer will be charged the difference in submission cost."

    If such an overage is acrued it will be reflected in your calculated return shipping (from us to you) invoice. 

    **All cards will be held until final invoices are paid**

PriceFrom $25.00
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